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Communication animale avec un cheval par Connexion Intuitive - Corinne Dupeyrat

© Rose Dosseville for Equi Dev '

Every day, we are saturated with more and more information and contradictory. The world is constantly changing and time is accelerating: by the time we receive information, it is already out of date, chased by another.


At the same time, a multitude of imperceptible information circulates around us and, generally, the human being does not know how to perceive it with his five ordinary senses. However, this invisible is a reality of our daily life: emotions, thoughts, billions of living organisms that make up our body, or even waves of all kinds that we do not perceive, interact with us silently - like animals and some non-verbal humans such as pregnant babies, some with multiple disabilities and autism. We rub shoulders with them without hearing them.


Animals pick up what involuntarily emanates from us, and they perceive it without any filter. They are not dependent on beliefs, dogmas or cognitive biases. They sense us and perceive information, and emit responses that elude us.

These ultra-sensitive living beings are eager to share with us information about themselves, about us and about the relationships we have together. Unlike humans who know or think they know, animals don't know: they FEEL.


It is possible for us to decipher and understand this silent, subtle and universal language thanks to intuitive communication. This discipline, which emerged thirty years ago, is today recognized by many researchers and professionals in human and animal health. Psychologists, veterinarians and osteopaths increasingly call on intuitive interpreters to complete their diagnoses and the care they provide.


This form of communication is a way of the future to give a voice to those who cannot be heard, a voice to those who do not.

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